4 avril 2008

Andrew Pitchford - Holy-Nagy

Une magnifique typographie, d'Andrew Pitchford, basée sur les travaux du très célèbre László Moholy-Nagy.

Plus de visuels ici.

Voici le speech explicatif :
“After a wonder around the permanent collection of the Tate Modern, we had to select one work as inspiration to base a new typeface on. At least six characters had to be produced in order to show our methodologies of how the letter forms would be created. I choose an oil on canvas entitled ‘K VII 1922′ by László Moholy-Nagy. I was attracted to the use of geometric shapes and bold lines and saw potential in forming a solid blocky typeface. From the chosen work I made up a universal template to base my characters on. It is very similar to how digital clock numbers are formed”

via - Type Neu
ndm : le Tate Modern me poursuit .. y'a des signes comme ça.

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